About Me

I am a graduate of Computer Science and loves listening to music (not particular to what year or genre as long as it catches my interest). I also like watching (movies, anime, series), I am not particular with the type of what I watch, although I don’t watch horror and not much on movies with R/NC rated films. We have different pets at home, we have 5 dogs, fishes (fighter/betta fish) and stray cats (which we don’t own, yet it keeps on going back in our place).

I am a homebody type of person but whenever needed or invited, I can go out and be anywhere, be it to explore places or just simply go in a market. Some might say I’m a quiet person, but once you know me, I can also be the loudest person!

Currently, I am exploring the new environment of Real Estate and being a Virtual Assistant which is kind of exciting and intriguing actually.